Sending postcards with Lettr and keeping in touch with travel friends

One of my absolute favourite things about travelling (and especially living in a foreign country for a while) is the people you meet, locals and ex-pats alike. It’s not surprising that the fellow ex-pats I’ve met while living abroad are some of my closest friends, because we obviously have a love of travel in common and a really interesting period of common experiences to share.

Sending postcards from my computer to my favourite travel friends

When the founders of Lettr wanted me to try sending some of their postcards, these kind of friends are the very first that sprang to mind. Of course, I’d much rather they gave me the air fare to go visit them, but surprising them with a personalised postcard is another good plan and I have to say it was a lot of fun.

Lettr is a clever idea: you just hop onto their website, upload a photo (I made some fancy collages because I was at home, but if I was on the road it would just be a nice photo from my smartphone), type in your message and “handwrite” your signature. Lettr will then print the postcard and send it to anywhere in the world for a total of US$2.49 (which if you live in Australia is cheaper than just the postage, let alone buying the postcard too).

Using Lettr postcards to stay in touch with travel friends

My postcard to Jules took a ride on the Melbourne Star!

I sent one to my gorgeous friend Jules over in Melbourne. She and I met when we taught together in Osaka and have been firm friends ever since. She then took my postcard up to the Melbourne Star ferris wheel and took a picture of it overlooking the gorgeous city of Melbourne – I love it!

I also sent one to Jen (who you’ve met before as a superwoman traveller) who’s living in England – we taught together in Bratislava and have been in touch across the hemispheres since then. That’s Jen grinning with my Bratislava-themed postcard below!

How to stay in touch with travel friends using Lettr

Jen displaying my Bratislava-themed postcard at her home in England

Sending your own postcard from your phone or computer

I have to say I also love sending postcards when I’m travelling, to a few special people and to people I haven’t been in touch with for a while, just to give them a smile and a nice non-bill surprise in their letterbox. I’m not always good at it though – having to (a) buy postcards and (b) write on them and (c) find a post office or stamps is all a bit too much sometimes (I brought home a few postcards from Penang, unsent!).

But I am going to try sending some of these postcards via my phone on my next trip (which is this coming week, to the Gold Coast!). I think if I can do it all from my phone I’ll be on a winner!

If you want to try it out too, just hop over to Lettr and have a go – let me know if you do!


Sending a postcard online from your travels

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