Sending postcards with Lettr and keeping in touch with travel friends

One of my absolute favourite things about travelling (and especially living in a foreign country for a while) is the people you meet, locals and ex-pats alike. It's not surprising that the fellow ex-pats I've met while living abroad are some of my closest friends, because we obviously have a love of … [Read more...]

How to pick meaningful souvenirs OR getting coffee mugs from Norwegians

When I was a kid, I was pretty addicted to bringing back cool souvenirs from any new countries I visited. I've still got quite a few of them, and now that I'm living somewhere for longer than a year or two, I've got them sitting on shelves above my desk so I can enjoy them when I'm working. But … [Read more...]

How to choose a holiday destination: Penang thanks to our Malaysian friends

Over the years I've done my share of choosing destinations based on famous places I want to see but if I look at my last couple of years of travels, the biggest deciding factor on destinations seems to be related to our friends and relatives. Our entire Europe trip last year was inspired by our … [Read more...]

Travels with friends: No penguins in Ireland

So, time again for me to indulge in some vicarious travel with one of my semi-regular Travels with friends posts. It's the next best thing to travelling myself! No penguins in Ireland or Moscow Regular readers will know that recent trips by various friends of mine have involved penguins. Alas, … [Read more...]

Travels with friends: Penguins again, this time in the Galapagos

Back in my land of vicarious travel, this is what some of my friends have been up to recently ... (what's with the penguin theme, guys? Just picking one of my favourite animals to make me extra jealous?)Wildlife in the GalapagosI was green with envy when I heard my fiction writing … [Read more...]

Travels with friends: Penguins and Libyans

For once in my life, my friends are travelling more than me. My little about-to-turn-one man keeps me home more than usual, and that's okay, because I'm still grooming him to be a big traveller! (We did make it to Europe and back already, of course!). But anyway, I'm actually enjoying some vicarious … [Read more...]