Preparing a 3-year-old for travel with a playdough Brezel

Even though our trip to Germany (and other exciting parts of Europe) is still months away, knowing the nature of my little almost-three-year-old, I decided to get started on talking about the trip early.
He’s the kind of kid who loves routine over change but did pretty well on our trip to Melbourne last year – as long as Mum’s nearby, he’s usually okay, but I thought that getting him prepared and excited for various aspects of our trip might help. When I ask him if he wants to go on a plane to Germany, the current answer is “no”, so I’ve got some work to do.
And that’s why I was thrilled to come home one day and find this:
Brezel bakery treats from eerie orange playdough
In case you can’t guess what this odd photo is all about, my husband had been helping our son make Brezel out of playdough. A Brezel is a well-known German bakery treat but of course most of the world will know the American version – pretzel – better.
Now my son wants to eat real Brezel and luckily I can tell him “In a few months, we’ll be in Germany where we can buy a Brezel every day!” He loves his food so he’s definitely looking forward to this. (Of course, at his age he has no idea how long a few months will take so he might think his promised non-pretend Brezel is never coming!)
German map with some of our destinations
We’ve also been looking at maps regularly and I’ve answered the question “Where is Germany?” numerous times now, and talked about all the people we know who live there. I’ve had my old photo albums out showing him pictures of the places we’ll visit, too. And I’m definitely planning to be “talking travel” with him plenty in the next few months. 
I’m determined to turn this little fellow into a travel lover – and I sure hope that before the day comes when we do step on the plane, he turns his answer into “yes” and comes along happily!


  1. Nice way to start getting your son used to the idea of travelling Amanda. I’m sure that all those hours cooped inside a plane not able to run around aren’t any fun to a kid (nor an adult…), but worthwhile in the end.

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