T-shirt travel: Very far north, and opposites in travel

This post is about opposites. Because it’s occurred to me that there are lots of opposites in travel. But let me take you there step by step …

Whenever it starts to warm up here, I ponder whether or not I’ll survive another hot West Aussie summer. I used to love the hot weather (and I’m talking at least a few heat waves of over 40 degrees C – that’s over 104 F for my non-Celsius readers) but my love seems to be fading year by year. That’s about the time I remember that I actually don’t mind the cold so much – especially since I finally learnt that enjoying cold weather is all about the clothing. And it doesn’t get too much colder than being at the Arctic Circle right at the time of the winter solstice, right?

So yes, this snap of my favourite Finnish T-shirt (hmm … when I think about it, my only Finnish T-shirt) reminds me that there are all kinds of extremes around the world and when the winter solstice next hits just north of Rovaniemi (where Santa lives!), I’ll be down here in Perth getting ready for probably another very warm Christmas. Instead of donning six or seven layers, a woolly beanie, scarf and gloves, as I was in Finland, I’ll be down to a swimsuit and enjoying the pool, or escaping inside to the air-conditioning. Pretty opposite, right?

And I think there are lots of other opposites in travel. I just saw a post about a $6,000 hotel room in Paris; I remember my $30 rented apartment room in Paris with fondness (although if someone else paid the $6,000, I would love to try it out). There are extroverted South American travelers and quietly-spoken Japanese tourists. There are foods as sweet as brigadeiro and as sour as … well, what’s something really sour?

What’s your favourite set of travel opposites? Stretch your brain for my comment section 🙂

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