T-shirt travel: Very far north, and opposites in travel

This post is about opposites. Because it's occurred to me that there are lots of opposites in travel. But let me take you there step by step ...Whenever it starts to warm up here, I ponder whether or not I'll survive another hot West Aussie summer. I used to love the hot weather (and I'm talking at … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: Stocking up in St Petersburg

It's (almost) a whole month since I last mentioned Russia, so here I go again. I actually remember very well when I bought this T-shirt, at a stall outside near the Peter & Paul Fortress in St Petersburg. After almost three weeks on the Trans-Siberian and without access to a washing machine in … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: The Endeavour returns to Fremantle

H.M. Bark Endeavour was launched in Fremantle in 1993 Back when I was ... well, a lot younger than now, my father and I went down to Fremantle, the port town of Perth, to watch the launch of the replica of the H.M. Bark Endeavour - a replica of the ship which brought Captain Cook down here to … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: Cricket in Amsterdam

This old, worn T-shirt (almost seven years old, I see now) is a souvenir from a rather unusual trip. I was living in Germany at the time, heard that Australia was playing in a short one-day cricket tournament in, of all places, Amsterdam, and drove over there for the weekend.The Dutch, more than any … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: 2002 World Cup fever in Seoul, South Korea

Germany wasn't the first place where my T-shirt travels started to reflect FIFA World Cup fever, oh no, that began four years earlier when I lived in Japan during the 2002 World Cup. Back then I was utterly ignorant about the event and booked a holiday to Seoul during the week of the finals (if … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: Slovakia is getting tourist-savvy

This T-shirt is an exception to my usual T-shirt travels, because it came to me some time after I'd left Slovakia - when my Slovak friends came out to Australia to stay last year. And the interesting thing is I think that's the only way I could have got it, because back when I lived in Slovakia - … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: Seasonal Hunter Valley Gardens

It's okay, I'm well aware that it's now nowhere near Christmas time. Actually, I'm quite grateful for that. But that won't stop me parading a Christmas/travel T-shirt. You might recall a couple of Christmases ago that I holidayed in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales and one of the … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: Japanese restaurant advertising, I think

I had some weird T-shirts when I lived in Japan. Most of them had atrocious grammar or invented word, and I wore them because they made me giggle. But this T-shirt was a gift from one of my students. I've worn it often (mostly outside Japan) without really knowing what it's all about. Perhaps one of … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: Good morning Vietnam

In the continuing tales of countries-I'm-surprised-I-haven't-blogged-about-more: let me present Vietnam. I spent nearly two weeks traversing the coastline of Vietnam while I lived in Japan, using the Reunification "Express" train (in quote marks because it was the slowest train I've ever taken) to … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: Poland’s southern mountain town, Zakopane

I'm going Poland mad this month - just watch me tell you all about my favourite parts of Poland. This T-shirt shows one of them: Zakopane, a small town in the High Tatra mountains on the southern border with Slovakia.En-route to Bratislava to start my teaching job, I spent a couple of summery days … [Read more...]