There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes (especially in Finland)

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia. This is a city where the temperature has, to my knowledge, only fallen below freezing once (to something ridiculous like -0.2C, if my memory serves me correctly), and we are much more accustomed to having hot summer days over 40C (well over the century, for my … [Read more...]

The weirdest place I’ve ever bumped in to someone I knew

I attended my 20th high school reunion last week. I missed the 10th since I was living in ... hmm, I guess it was Japan at the time; I was at the 15th, but it was very soon after I'd moved back from Germany and to be honest, I was still feeling totally out of the loop, I didn't talk to many people … [Read more...]

Santa sightseeing: Visiting that Christmas guy in Finland

Me and my mate Santa Claus go back a long way. I certainly remember being very excited about his visits as a child, even though my parents never got that elaborate with reindeer footprints or other "evidence" of his visit, beyond the fact that the beer we left out for Santa had been drunk (although … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: Very far north, and opposites in travel

This post is about opposites. Because it's occurred to me that there are lots of opposites in travel. But let me take you there step by step ...Whenever it starts to warm up here, I ponder whether or not I'll survive another hot West Aussie summer. I used to love the hot weather (and I'm talking at … [Read more...]

Your coldest ever travel experience …

Aussies are obsessed with talking about weather. Perth people like me are obsessed about complaining about the cold, mostly because it is rarely cold here (never below freezing) and partly because we really feel the cold because we have no idea about heating our houses properly or wearing the right … [Read more...]

Picture pirouette: Snowy bikes in Kemi, Finland

It is cold in Perth today. (It's cold all this week. And I don't like it!) But if I dig through my photo albums I am reminded that you can't really claim "it's cold" when the temperature never goes below freezing.Frozen bicycles in Kemi, Finnish LaplandThis was Boxing Day in Kemi, a town in Finnish … [Read more...]

Ice fishing fail in northern Finland

I've mentioned that my trip to Finland was one of my all-time favourites but I've been remiss about sharing the highlights here on the blog. So, using the very tenuous (but true) link of planning to have fish for dinner and therefore thinking about my ice fishing expedition in Finland, I decided to … [Read more...]

Who can decide on a favourite place in the world? Not me!

Professional Hobo Nora hit the nail right on the head in her post this week on one of the most difficult-to-answer questions that travellers get asked: "What's your favourite place in the world?" It's well worth reading Nora's response, because she suggests quite rightly that even absolutely adoring … [Read more...]

Northern Europe and lots of snow, a la Joanna Lumley

Recently the ABC screened a documentary called Joanna Lumley in the Land of the Northern Lights and the trailer - featuring lots of beautiful shots of snowy landscapes - made me keen to see it. It was all about Lumley - a British actress/comedian best known to me for Absolutely Fabulous - chasing … [Read more...]

Picture pirouette: Not drowning, waving, in northern Finland

Christmas approaching always makes me think of Finland, where I spent one of my most Christmassy Christmases a few years back. This picture was taken in Rovaniemi and I love the danger sign. It always makes me think of that 80s Aussie band "Not Drowning, Waving", but I guess not too many of my … [Read more...]