Music on my travels: I heart Herbert Groenemeyer

There is a lot of music in my life. Granted, these days a lot of it is nursery rhymes and children’s songs, but even with them I have made sure we have a good selection of both German and English CDs plus several with multicultural kids’ songs in all kinds of languages. And when I travel, I love to pick up local music.

Having lived in Germany and being reasonably fluent in German, I do tend to get quite excited about German language music. Yes, you might well think, clunky, non-romantic German might not be the language for inspiring and beautiful lyrics, but that would only be until you discovered my big German music crush, Herbert Groenemeyer. He is an extremely well-known German singer/songwriter (well-known in Germany, I mean), he has been around for years, and for my Aussie readers, he is perhaps something like the John Farnham of German pop culture except that he has almost literary lyrics and has never sung about a cleaning lady (he did sing about a sausage dish, though).

I first encountered Herbert Groenemeyer at fourteen, when I visited Germany on a school trip and bought a few cassettes (yes, cassettes) from the top ten of the time, one of which was Groenemeyer’s album Luxus. When I returned to live in German my interest became a bit of an obsession and every now and then – this week, for instance – I have a Herbert week and listen to his music non-stop. I have even started trying to make some of his lyrics sound like nursery rhymes so I can get away with singing them more often. Listening to and singing along to his songs (or any German music, naturally) is also great revision for my needs-improvement German.

The video above is one of my favourite songs, Der Weg – it’s sad (about his wife who died) and beautiful and the lyrics are so lovely. You can read about what they mean on’s Der Weg page if you’re keen.

Do you try to get involved with local music when you travel? Do you get as obsessed as I do? Confess below!

Thanks to Sinn City Blog for the pic of a Hamburg Groenemeyer concert


  1. I heart Groenemeyer too. 🙂 Also a fan of Silbermond and I have to confess a soft spot for Die Toten Hosen! I bought their Christmas album one year and it is quite an experience…

  2. Oooh yes I like Silbermond too. I actually started out planning to write a post about lots of German music I like but I kind of just went on and on about HG. Not sure what Jan would think if I put on a Toten Hosen Christmas album! (Oh, I just googled it and it’s insaner than usual for them – this one I guess?… )!

  3. That’s the one. 🙂 I empathise about the children’s music these days although we do Kindermusik and the tunes are surprisingly catchy and easy to sing. I love the fact they are so multicultural too.

  4. Yes I don’t actually mind the children’s music – but I do get a bit disturbed when I’m alone in the car or the shower and catch myself singing them! I have a hilarious CD from the ABC with multicultural songs but the “German” ones are so badly pronounced that I can only assume the other languages are terrible too – but they’re very catch just the same.

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