13 suburbs of Perth to explore when you visit Western Australia

When we who call Perth home mention Perth, we mean far more than the city centre. For us, Perth is a vast sprawling city, now home to over two million people, and because of our love of living near the coast, it stretches more than 100km from north to south and it covers an area equivalent to well … [Read more...]

Bringing art to the people: Sculpture by the Sea in Perth

You know I love Perth beaches, but I tend to avoid the busier beaches like Cottesloe Beach except for this particular time of year - because the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibit opened this week, and I never miss it. I love to see the sculptures, because they're always so varied, but more than … [Read more...]

Perth for kids: Fun at the Castledare Miniature Railway

Give me a four-year-old boy and I will say he is a train lover and I will always be right. Right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctA4YYcjsI8 So when my husband heard about the Castledare Miniature Railway from a colleague, I did agree that it sounded like a winner - but for once left it up to … [Read more...]

Why I prefer Perth beaches in winter than summer

My hometown of Perth, Western Australia, has some pretty spectacular beaches, if I do say so myself. And with summer coming up here, a lot of people, both locals and tourists alike, start to focus on the beach. Not me though. Perth beaches in summer All up and down the coast of Perth - it's … [Read more...]

Why tourists should visit the Perth Royal Show (and how pigs fly)

In the 80s I was a kid growing up in Perth, arguably the most isolated city in the world. But isolated didn't mean we missed out on fun (or if we did, we didn't realise - there was no internet back then, and much less FOMO!). One of the highlights of the year was our nearly-annual chance to visit … [Read more...]

Travelling close to home: Camping in the Perth hills with kids

When you feel the urge to travel but have neither the time or the budget at that moment, then I often suggest taking a trip close to home. And that's exactly what I did last week, at the invitation of my clever friend who perhaps should be the travel blogger instead of me! My family and hers (she … [Read more...]

On four failed attempts to leave Perth in my twenties

When you grow up in a city as isolated as Perth, Western Australia, it's not surprising that you get the itch to leave, at least for a while. From the time I graduated from university (just a little while back now ...) I was looking for opportunities to leave Perth for a while and see something of … [Read more...]

The perfect weekend in Perth, my isolated but gorgeous hometown

Perth is the kind of city that lots of people ask about, but few actually end up visiting. Obviously, we are kind of isolated down here, but I'm sure that's why it's such a special place. To give you a taste, this post is all about how I recommend you spend a perfect weekend in Perth - and I hope I … [Read more...]

Yes, I’m from Perth, the most isolated city in the world

I was born in Perth, Western Australia, and lived here until I was 25, then returned in my 30s. It has changed a huge amount; I remember very well in my childhood that the brown AMP building you can see in this photo was the tallest one by far, but these days it's a dwarf. I will make myself sound … [Read more...]

Art galleries and kids: Starting them young

Art galleries and me haven't always been the best of friends. Last year I blogged about how I'd learnt to love art galleries - a process of time, maturity, and most especially, having an art expert as a travel companion (but thankfully, not the kind of art expert who drones on and on - rather, one … [Read more...]