Travels with friends: No penguins in Ireland

So, time again for me to indulge in some vicarious travel with one of my semi-regular Travels with friends posts. It’s the next best thing to travelling myself!

No penguins in Ireland or Moscow

Regular readers will know that recent trips by various friends of mine have involved penguins. Alas, the penguin streak has come to an end. However, my friends Helen and Andy have done some great penguin-less travelling, including this great stint around Ireland where they learnt some very  important “news” about Ireland:

Obesity is on the increase but this has a knock-on effect here where the dead are usually buried. It costs an extra €5,000 to import an extra-large coffin from the US to house your beloved porker.

Now you know! Helen and Andy have recently moved on to teach in Moscow, a fact I’m rather excited about having enjoyed two fantastic trips there (and also since it’s home to my favourite building), so I’m looking forward to hearing about their Muscovite adventures.

Red Square: Now part of Helen and Andy’s new home

The world tourists in China

Eva is a new friend of mine – she took one of my blogging courses a few months back and of course I was very pleased to hear that she’s a well-seasoned traveller of the backpacking kind. She and her partner are now on the road and although her entire blog is worth reading, I’d start here with her summary of their experiences in China: China on my mind. Great photos and interesting tales to tell!

Melbourne and long returns from Melbourne

And while I’m talking blogging-course-related-friends, two such people have recently been writing about Melbourne trips. Sami has spent a lot of time in Melbourne recently and she gives you a good photo tour of its sights and famous alleyways, almost always rain-free which is remarkable for Melbourne! And over at The Ponder Room, Glennys has written up several interesting posts about her Melbourne experiences of late but the funniest concerns the consequences of a South American ash cloud which made her Melbourne to Perth flight double the usual length but also double the usual interest.

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