Name your favourite building: Mine’s in Moscow

Looking through my pictures of Tunisia recently got me thinking about architecture. I’m certainly no educated architect and don’t even have much appreciation of different building styles (but I do have a construction engineer for a husband so I’ve always got someone to ask when I want to know!). I’m not sure whether it’s in spite of my lack of knowledge or because of it (I suspect the latter) that my absolute favourite building in the whole world is St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.

I guess it’s a kind of child’s dream of a building – perhaps I like it because I imagine it’s something I could draw, because it’s so random and hilarious that you don’t need to be too precise about it. Apparently its shape is meant to reflect a bonfire, and the colours are typical of Russian interests in the 17th and 18th centuries. All I know is that it’s the kind of building you could gaze at for hours and still see new things – and it’s fascinating inside as well. Standing on the otherwise sombre Red Square, you can’t help but turn to observe St Basil’s at any spare moment.

Do you have favourite building, whether or not you’ve had the chance to visit it? Do tell me about it in the comments.


  1. A comment from Elizabeth … (Apologies, Elizabeth, I accidentally deleted your original comment with a wayward finger on my iPad and other than pasting it in from my email alert it was unrecoverable!!)

    Back when I lived in Cambodia, I heard about an old casino in the south that was falling into ruins. I was so keen to visit, but heard the road was in pieces, and almost impassable.

    Somehow I managed to convince my husband to drive us up in a 250cc motorbike, and was finally able to photograph them on top of a cloud-covered mountain.

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