Picture pirouette: Snowy bikes in Kemi, Finland

It is cold in Perth today. (It’s cold all this week. And I don’t like it!) But if I dig through my photo albums I am reminded that you can’t really claim “it’s cold” when the temperature never goes below freezing.
Frozen bicycles in Kemi, Finnish Lapland

This was Boxing Day in Kemi, a town in Finnish Lapland, and with the shops and attractions closed there wasn’t actually a whole lot to do (unless sitting in the hotel room watching news of the devastating Asian tsunami counted as a thing to do). With just a couple of hours of daylight available each day, I found it imperative to get outside, no matter how cold it was.

For me, a total non-snow-dweller, everything was fascinating! I guess the owners of these bicycles weren’t planning on riding them for a few months yet. But obviously storing them inside wasn’t a priority – it’s not as if the snow had just suddenly arrived that day. Great to visit, but I don’t know how people survive living in areas that are so cold and dark for so long.


  1. Now there’s a sight you won’t often see in the Aussie outback!!!

  2. LOL – won’t often see – or won’t ever see unless we wait around for the next ice age! The Aussie outback has other extremes though that Finland never sees, of course!

  3. I am sure that I am part lizard, I need the sun to warm me and heal me from any ills. I could never live anywhere so dark or cold. My husband has nagged me for years to move to London and even that is too cold for me!

  4. I feel the same Christie, although I did manage to survive three and a half years in Europe – but the winters were so, so depressing. The cold you can kind of deal with (right clothes) but being so dark so early is horrid. (Being light for so long in summer is lovely but doesn’t quite make up for it).

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