Picture pirouette: Not drowning, waving, in northern Finland

Christmas approaching always makes me think of Finland, where I spent one of my most Christmassy Christmases a few years back. This picture was taken in Rovaniemi and I love the danger sign. It always makes me think of that 80s Aussie band “Not Drowning, Waving”, but I guess not too many of my readers know them, and definitely not the people who stuck this sign in the ground/ice at Rovaniemi.

By the way, I think I took this photo at sunset – which at the time was around one o’clock in the afternoon, about two hours after sunrise. I can’t imagine living permanently in a place with such ever-changing daylight hours, I’m sure it would send me batty.


  1. Very nice photo. I came across your blog after linking to it from Blond Across The Pond. I hope to visit Australia sooner or later. I will have to make multiple trips or move there just to take in all the sights. LOL.

  2. Thanks Chris, glad you like it. Yes, there’s a lot to see in Australia and perhaps unfortunately, it’s all spread pretty far apart! But I do hope you get to see at least part of it – it’s a beautiful country. I’m not biased, am I?!

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