Five outdoorsy places to enjoy in Vancouver, Canada

About fifteen years ago, I spent a few days in Vancouver, and loved it. I was living in suburban Osaka at the time, so the contrast to outdoorsy, fresh air Vancouver was pretty strong. Even if my trip did start off a bit dodgy (more on that below)*. What struck me the most was that Vancouver … [Read more...]

Ways to Experience Nature on Your Travels – Episode 45 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Even though I'm basically a city girl at heart, getting out into nature regularly is still really important to me, and I'm regularly totally blown away by some of the amazing nature experiences I encounter on my travels. In this episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I asked some of my … [Read more...]

7 characteristics of the perfect house guest from abroad

When I travel, I absolutely love to stay with people I know in various parts of the world. It's such a different experience from being in your own accommodation. You get to really see how the locals live, and get all kinds of insider tips that no hotel concierge could ever provide. Of course, … [Read more...]

Passport pirouette: Honestly, I’m going to Canada!

I've only had the pleasure of visiting Canada once, when I took a trip to the west coast while I was living in Japan. I'm dying to go back to see more, because my ten-day exploration of Vancouver and Vancouver Island certainly convinced me that Canada has heaps to offer, and that was really just … [Read more...]

Where’s my kayak: Canada, here I come!

I love the Google maps app on my iPhone, and I often use it to get around here at home - and also used it to look up directions when I was overseas earlier this year. When a friend sent me her address recently on Vancouver Island, I popped it in to Maps so I could see where her house was in relation … [Read more...]