25 years ago in Europe: Learning about “Eis” in Germany

This picture of my sister and I was apparently taken 25 years ago in Koblenz, according to my mother’s captions, but it probably could’ve been anywhere in Germany. As you can see we are happily waiting for our ice cream to be prepared. I suspect we got more than one ice cream during our stay, so just imagine this picture could have been taken at small ice cream stands all over the German-speaking world.

Ice cream in Germany actually is quite special, I decided much later. For a start, ice cream in a cone in most of Europe is decidedly cheaper than here in Australia, something I don’t understand because our weather surely makes the ice cream season much longer here. When I lived in southern Germany, there was a big Italian influence on the ice cream cafes around where I lived and I indulged in many a grand sundae-style ice cream – one of my favourites being Spaghetti-Eis, just because it was such a novel idea.
And with that thought, even though it’s winter here (it’s summer in Germany!), I’ll have to stop writing and go and eat an ice cream. Again.

Part of the 25 years ago in Europe series.

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