Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) – Episode 83 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Teaching English as a second language has played a very important role in my life (and the life of this blog, in fact!). It was for a TESOL/TEFL job that I left Australia and lived in Japan, Slovakia and Germany - this was "back in the day" when earning money online wasn't a thing, and teaching … [Read more...]

One day I will teach ESL again …

I was working away at my desk yesterday when a Facebook message notification popped up on my screen. I usually ignore them, but this one was from one of my Korean students from eight years ago when I was last teaching English as a second language, or ESL. Connecting with people through ESL … [Read more...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 20 – English Names, Widows and PNG in the 1950s

It's funny how, when you're producing something weekly and you just keep plodding along, you can very quickly start reaching big numbers, like 20. Big to me, anyway, to think that this is the 20th episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, something I've imagined making for so long and finally this … [Read more...]

Learning English in Australia: ESL books that sound like we do

Before my son was born, I taught English as a second language (ESL) for almost a decade, mostly to adults. It's the job that took me to Japan, Slovakia and Germany before returning to Perth to teach English to people who'd come to Australia from South America, Europe and Asia - some to improve their … [Read more...]

All the stuff I’ve learnt about Korean culture

Last month at the library a book called The birth of Korean cool practically jumped into my hands off the "new and noteworthy" shelves. I have been fascinated with Korean culture from my very first encounter - I can't even quite explain why, but I find it so interesting that I just have to … [Read more...]

Rachel on reverse culture shock after China and how it changed her

In talking more about reverse culture shock - yes, one of my favourite topics, because it's just not talked about enough! - I'm continuing my interview series with teacher and blogger Rachel Elizabeth today. I came across her when she wrote an excellent post called How to Talk to the Repatriated - … [Read more...]

Moving to Thailand with a family: If you want to live abroad you actually can

The most exciting years of my life were absolutely those when I lived abroad in Japan, Slovakia and Germany. Being back home in Perth and having a gorgeous son is wonderful too, but living in foreign countries, experiencing the challenges of cultural and language barriers (and overcoming them), … [Read more...]

Life as an ESL teacher: When Pedro tried to cheat at his English test …

Some of my very favourite multicultural experiences have come from my years spent working as an ESL teacher, both abroad and here in Australia. Teaching English to students from every continent not only got me wondering just how many continents there are, it also had me regularly wondering if my … [Read more...]

Reverse culture shock returning from China to Poland: Agness’ story

The next lovely lady in my series on reverse culture shock is Agness. Like Agata who moved to Italy, Agness is also originally Polish, and she spent a couple of years teaching in China and another year travelling around Asia before returning home to Poland - but unfortunately returning from China to … [Read more...]

Travelling jobs and back-home careers – my experience with ESL teaching and adult education

A few years back I wrote a post for Vagabondish about Why Travel is Good for Your Resume (you can go ahead and read it ... I'll wait!). I still stand by everything I wrote there 100% and it was that post that prompted a reader named Jasper to write to me with this question: You say that your … [Read more...]