The Aussie bush – what Australians mean when they talk about the bush

When you grow up knowing something intimately - like the Australian bush - it's easy to forget that people in other parts of the world won't know what you're talking about. That's exactly what happens to me time and time again when I talk to non-Australians about "the bush". Australia is, after all, … [Read more...]

Are All Aussies Tanned and Tall? – Episode 27 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Given that when this episode goes live, I'll be halfway up the Western Australian coast exploring a bit of country Australia, this is a particularly relevant topic (by complete coincidence, I must add) - what's the stereotype of an Australian? I was born and bred in Australia and have lived here … [Read more...]

Anzac Day explainer, although it’s too complex for me to explain

Two things you need to know about me, before I attempt to explain Anzac Day: I'm a massive pacifist. War terrifies me. Anything that leaves people dead for no good reason makes me cry. And guns - oh dear. My son is six, that age where every young boy pretends to play with guns; it drives me … [Read more...]

Showing travellers around your region – meeting the locals

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - one of my absolute favourite ways of travelling is to stay with some locals and learn all about how they go about their daily lives. Figuring out the similarities and differences from my life to theirs is something I find fascinating. It both reminds me of … [Read more...]

Reverse culture shock after study abroad: Jessie on returning from Australia

The next post in my occasional interview series with fellow travellers who've experienced reverse culture shock features a blogger I've known online for a few years now, and the thing that really interested me in Jessie's story is that she left my home country, Australia, and experienced reverse … [Read more...]

Picture pirouette: Fishing near Albany

Albany, on the south coast of Western Australia, is not a place I usually visit as a tourist - my mother's side of the family come from around there and my uncle still fishes there. But this is not my uncle, and I was a tourist at the time, in a sense - I took this photo when I visited … [Read more...]

A typical Aussie Christmas, in pictures

At this time of year, I start reading and hearing about the wintry Christmas experiences all my friends in the northern hemisphere are gearing up for. And we start to sing songs even down here in Australia that feature snowmen (something many Australians have never had the pleasure of creating!) and … [Read more...]

Choosing my three favourite spots in Western Australia

Recently a campaign being run by the STA got in contact with me to find out what I thought about places to visit in Western Australia. There's nowhere in the world I'd rather help promote than my home state - I'm not saying that patriotically but because it's an incredible diverse place (bigger than … [Read more...]