Visit Tunisia for Sidi Bou Said, not for their ad campaign

Typical street in Sidi Bou SaidTunisia's been on my mind this week after I read this article about their current tourist advertising campaign - trying to use some controversial kind of phrases to get holiday makers to come back to Tunisia after the recent political upheaval leading to the end of … [Read more...]

A backpacking route around Tunisia

    I've done my fair share of raving about Tunisia - and it's certainly gained some international attention lately with the ousting of President Ben Ali and all its consequences. And while there are still some travel warnings current at the moment, I suspect things are getting … [Read more...]

The Bardo Museum of Tunis with mosaics galore

I'm always saying I'm going to tell you more about Tunisia, one of my all-time favourite places to visit, and especially since it's been in the news of late I feel even more compelled to tell you all the good reasons to go there (not just the political curiosities). So, let me introduce you to one … [Read more...]

The ubiquitous Tunisian president is gone

As I've mentioned before, my trip to Tunisia a few years ago will probably always remain one of my favourite ever trips. And while Tunisia might be well-known to many Europeans as a place to head for sunshine, I think to many other readers Tunisia was a bit of a mystery until the headlines of the … [Read more...]

Who can decide on a favourite place in the world? Not me!

Professional Hobo Nora hit the nail right on the head in her post this week on one of the most difficult-to-answer questions that travellers get asked: "What's your favourite place in the world?" It's well worth reading Nora's response, because she suggests quite rightly that even absolutely adoring … [Read more...]

Picture pirouette: Bathroom window view to a Tunisian landmark

Remember I promised to tell you more about Tunisia? Bit by bit, here I go. This is literally a view out of the bathroom window of my hotel room in El Jem, Tunisia. That amazing structure is the World Heritage-listed El Jem Colosseum, although they technically call it an amphitheater (but guidebooks … [Read more...]

Passport pirouette: Tunisian bureaucracy

I went to Tunisia a little by chance. Suddenly realising that our Bratislavan jobs would give us a two-week (unpaid but compulsory) vacation over Christmas, I ran to the travel agent to book a flight to somewhere warmer. Most places were sold out but a friendly guy told me a flight to Tunis was the … [Read more...]

Picture pirouette: The off-season in Monastir, Tunisia

My trip to Tunisia in 2003/04 was one of the highlights of my serious backpacking days. There's so much to say about Tunisia - and I mean the public transport, cheap inns and cous-cous with the locals side of Tunisia, not the beach resorts that Europeans fly in and out of without seeing the country … [Read more...]