Five destinations I’d like to revisit

Some travellers like to check places off a list and never return. I actually love returning to places that I've been before: it's interesting to see what has changed, to compare it to my memories, to catch up with people I met there. I also love visiting brand new places, of course - that's how … [Read more...]

Beyond the skyscrapers: Nature in Hong Kong

I have long been yearning to return to Hong Kong, for many reasons, but the most important one is that it's the very first foreign country I ever visited - and that's getting close to thirty years ago. (Ouch.) Discovering nature in Hong Kong I've been collecting information and images on … [Read more...]

How to pick meaningful souvenirs OR getting coffee mugs from Norwegians

When I was a kid, I was pretty addicted to bringing back cool souvenirs from any new countries I visited. I've still got quite a few of them, and now that I'm living somewhere for longer than a year or two, I've got them sitting on shelves above my desk so I can enjoy them when I'm working. But … [Read more...]

Thinking of Hong Kong, aka Kong Kong

It is a VERY long time since my one and only trip to Hong Kong - in fact, it's over a quarter of a century ago! Not only have I changed a lot since then, but I suspect plenty about Hong Kong has changed too, not least that it has lapsed from being a British colony to become a "Special Administrative … [Read more...]

An artist’s impression of Hong Kong, with bonus musings on apartment life

Regular readers will remember my 25 years ago in Europe series in which I laid bare numerous pictures of me as a nine-year-old (fortunately, I haven't received *too* much ridicule as a result!). But wait, as they say, there's more. I recently came across the diaries I kept during those trips and … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: It all started in Hong Kong

Last year I blogged about my brush with an English bobby and commented that it was almost 25 years since my first big trip, when my parents took my sister and I campervanning around Europe for six months. Well, with 2010 upon us, it really is 25 years ago now, so it seems like a good time to relive … [Read more...]