First Trips – Episode 65 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast returns after a break to deal with changing from a network to just lil' ol me and we are talking all about first trips. I explain what I remember of my first trip abroad - to Hong Kong, en route to Europe - in some detail in the early part of this episode, but what I … [Read more...]

Becoming a backpacker: My first budget trip in Australia

When I interviewed Laura recently about how her travel plans for her first big trip have changed from a long-term trip starting in Asia to a short-term trip close to home (which, for her, is Europe - lucky thing!) her comment about being a first time traveller reminded me of my first independent … [Read more...]

Why Tunisia rates as one of my best trips ever (via Instagram)

Visiting Tunisia was my first time on African soil. Of course, it wasn't anything like the safari-Africa I read about in books at school, yet it was still very different from anywhere else I'd ever been. When people ask me that horrible question about the "best place" I've ever been, I always … [Read more...]

Cruisin’ along: Because one day I’m going to take a cruise

You might recognise my current state of mind. My "recent" big trip (to Europe) is becoming a little bit too long ago to call recent; potential next "big trips" aren't quite at the planning stages yet. It means I start dreaming up future travels. The ones I guess would be on a bucket list if I was … [Read more...]

On making my first proper snowman, in Bratislava

Did you know that you can't make a snowman with just any old snow? Some of you will laugh out loud at this question, but there will be some, like me a few years ago, who will say: Really? I grew up in Western Australia; we don't do snow, ever, and I didn't see it fall until the age of 25. I … [Read more...]

On seeing snow fall for the first time at 25

There are many millions of people in the world who see nothing unusual in falling snow. It's a regular part of their life experience, something they've always known, and something that is probably often more of a nuisance than anything else. I am not one of those people. I can detail many of … [Read more...]

Just starting out on your world travels? So is Laura.

I get lots of mail from readers, but the vast majority of it falls into two categories: travellers who've got home and are experiencing reverse culture shock, and people at the other end of the spectrum - would-be travellers who are a bit nervous about up and leaving their normal comfort zone and … [Read more...]