Anxiety and Travel – Episode 173 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Having anxiety does NOT mean you should never travel. It might seem like a difficult thing to do, but I actually think travelling can help your anxiety and one of my guests today found just that.

I’m again very grateful to Megan and Laura for coming on to openly talk about their struggles with anxiety and how that’s connected to their travel experiences.

Show notes: Episode 173 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Anxiety and Travel

There’s a bit of a myth out there that we travellers are brave, confident people who never get anxious. From my own life and knowing many other travel-loving friends who also have experienced anxiety, I can promise you this is wrong.

Episode 173 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast includes two very special conversations with women who divulge some of their very personal experiences with anxiety and its connection with travel.

Firstly, I speak with Megan Blandford (who literally wrote the book on anxiety!) about some of her experiences with anxiety during her travels. Megan gives some really specific examples of how anxiety gripped her on trips to Japan and earlier on a dolphin swim trip and I personally find this one of the best ways to understand more about what anxiety can look like on our travels.

I then get the chance to chat with Laura Waters who has just published a book that also features a lot of her anxiety: Laura spend five months hiking from one end of New Zealand to the other and what happened to her anxiety during this trip is fascinating.


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