Dancing on Your Travels – Episode 154 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Do you dance? And do you travel to dance? I’d say the answer for the latter is mostly no – but after you listen to this episode you might just change your mind. At the very least, it’ll be great food for thought about just what else you can get out of a trip when you immerse yourself in something creative and specific to that culture.

Show notes: Episode 154 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Dancing on Your Travels

Taking a dancing class when I’m travelling or specifically taking a trip to learn to dance is not something that I’ve ever done – but hearing about all the fun that my guests on Episode 154 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast have had makes me begin to wonder if it might be in my future!

I start off chatting to Clare who has had several tango-related holidays. Clare describes her tango trips to Spain and Argentina and we also chat about how that interacts with learning and practising a language when you travel.

Next, I talk with Denise who spent a month in Spain specifically to learn more flamenco. She really immersed herself in all things flamenco and while I’d say she worked pretty hard there, she definitely had an amazing experience.

Finally I chat to Cheri who has taken music and dance classes in many places – and we agree that it is an amazing way to get to know a culture, something that goes beyond language. She describes a dance experience she had in Ghana which sounded pretty incredible. See, I’m nearly converted!


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