Nightlife When You Travel – Episode 135 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I remember back in my late teens and early twenties when I could happily go out to a nightclub until two in the morning and bounce back reasonably well the next day. Well, those days are no more (my son wakes me up before 6am for a start, apart from any other issues!), but now and again I do like to have a great night out. Doing this when I travel is relatively rare, but it does happen – some of my fellow travellers from a northern Thailand trip last year might even remember our brief disco bus moment, can we count that as nightlife please?

Fortunately I have guests who get out and about a bit more, and have some particularly interesting tales to tell. While I expected talking about nightlife on our travels to be mostly pure fun, it actually turned into many tales of cultural differences, which as you can imagine made me a very happy podcaster. Enjoy!

Show notes: Episode 135 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Nightlife When You Travel

Ever painted the town red one night on your travels? Episode 135 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is all about the nightlife you’ve experienced on your travels – whether you hit a nightclub or bar or, my personal favourite, a karaoke box in Japan! Along the way through these discussions my guests and I discovered that exploring the nightlife is also a fascinating study in cultural differences.

My first guest today is Whitney Taylor who experienced an Indian nightclub in Agra, and certainly discovered a couple of significant differences between our local Aussie nightclubs and Indian ones – and had a wonderful evening.

Next up I chat with Dan Johnston, who currently calls Prague in the Czech Republic home and has also spent time living in Germany. We discuss some of the cultural differences in nightlife experiences between countries like Australia and Canada, and the European model.

Finally I speak with Kate Toon who, like me, doesn’t always get out and about at night when she travels because if you’re travelling solo as a woman it’s not always simple – but she did have a very interesting evening out in Cusco, Peru, while she was on a group trip – you’ll have to listen to find out exactly what went on there!


Nightlife when you travel - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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