Depression and Travel – Episode 137 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I’m often blown away by how giving and honest my podcasts guests will be when telling me about their various experiences but this episode about depression and travel is one where all my guests have gone above and beyond. I’m extremely grateful to all three of them for their willingness to open up about their experiences of depression and travel and I hope that their stories will prove useful for many of my listeners. And if you need a helping hand, there are links to websites that can help you out at the bottom of this post.

Show notes: Episode 137 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Depression and Travel

If you experience depression, you may have combined this with travel and either found it made things worse, or better. I would love to imagine that travel could cure depression, but from the chats I had with three different people for this episode, it seems (unsurprisingly, really) that experiences of depression and travel vary as much as people vary.

First up today I chat with Justin Watson, who has actually found that travel has been quite helpful in managing his issues with depression. We talk about mindfulness techniques and how practicing these when you travel can be a great way to improve them.

Next I speak with Megan Blandford, who has experienced depression while travelling during a period when she was in denial that she had any depressions issues at all. The link between Megan’s depression and her adventurous travel activities is something I found really fascinating to discuss.

Finally, I talk to Ian Oliver who has had some mixed experiences with depression while he is travelling: from finding that moving to a new destination can give him a kind of “fresh start” and feel much better, to the experience of simply needing to go home.

I’m so grateful to each of my guests today for being prepared to open up about such a personal topic – thank you so much Justin, Megan and Ian!


 Depression and Travel - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast


  1. Sometimes we don’t even recognise what’s going on with us. I reckon that being connected to oneself goes beyond location and activities. I’ve started recognising that now that so many of us are going nomad, all these issues start becoming something we need to talk about. The idea of absolute bliss when travelling is actually a big pile of BS jajaja! I do have to say that I experienced the happiest moments of my life during my travels BUT it was because I was in great company -even if I was my own company-, present in the moment and doing what I love most. To me, that comes with any endeavour that triggers our creativity and personal expression. Interesting topic, I’d go on forever jajajaja. I guess that Anthony Bourdain’s death started a conversation around this.

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