Travel Planning and Research – Episode 128 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

If you’re a spreadsheet addict, you will LOVE this week’s first two guests. If you’re bemused by people who have everything booked months before they travel, you’ll also love this episode because you’ll simply be amazed by the planners out there!

Me with Narelle and Shauna shortly after we recorded the chat in this week’s podcast!

Show notes: Episode 128 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Travel Planning and Research

Hands up if you like the planning and research part of travel almost as much – or maybe even more – than the actual travelling itself! Some of the guests on Episode 128 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast would freely admit they have something of an obsession with the planning side of travel and you can learn a lot from listening to them, I think (or, like me, you may just giggle!).

First up I chat with two spreadsheet-obsessed accountants, Narelle and Shauna, who have a lot in common when it comes to planning their trips in extreme detail. Some of their tips, though, are actually pretty awesome! (Though I draw the line at their perhaps over-the-top Plan B, C and D plans?!)

Next I talk to Queen about the research she did ahead of her recent move to live abroad in Mexico, and finally to Tiana who also agrees that a big part of the joy comes in researching and deciding where to go. There are also lots of planning and research tips from Thoughtful Travellers Facebook group members liberally sprinkled throughout the episode.


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