Life-Altering Travel Moments – Episode 119 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Has a particular trip or even just a travel moment changed your life significantly? If so – you are not alone, and in Episode 119 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcasts I speak with three travellers who’ve had life-altering travel moments.

(And I’d say: if you haven’t had a life-changing travel experience yet – you just need to keep travelling and it will happen!)

Show notes: Episode 119 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Life-Altering Travel Moments

Travel can be utterly life-altering in so many ways and this episode’s three guests have brilliant stories to illustrate exactly that!

First I speak with Natascha Mirosch, with her story about a trip to a Greek Island which resulted in a completely life-changing event … though you’ll have to listen to find out what, no spoilers here!

I then chat to Talon Windwalker, who brought tears to my eyes telling the story of spending six years travelling with his adopted daughter and the bonds this developed – listen out for his “Forever Day” story.

Finally, Kate Toon rounds out the life-altering travel moments with a quick but amazing story about what happened when she and her friend were travelling in Thailand … until suddenly they werent!


Life-Altering Travel Moments - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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