Fun and Philosophical Travel – Episode 60 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I get to chat with so many interesting people for The Thoughtful Travel Podcast and when it comes to a round-numbered episode I love to find my favourite chats about all kinds of random travel topics and put them into one – and for Episode 60 I’ve done the same – though they all come down to either being fun or philosophical. Don’t listen to my middle guest, Yasmin Newman, while you’re hungry, or you’ll be craving some French pastries; my other guests, Becky Livingston and Serena Star-Leonard, give you food for the mind rather than the belly. But me? I’m off to eat a macaron! Happy listening!

Show notes: Episode 60 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Fun and Philosophical Travel

It’s the round-numbered Episode 60 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast and that means I’ve got a mixed bag for you: the common theme is these chats are either fun or philosophical or both.

First up, I chat with Becky Livingston who is definitely a kindred spirit on the topic of travel and we had a philosophical chat about all the wonderful reasons we should travel.

Changing tone, I talk next with Yasmin Newman who has some wonderful tales to tell about eating her way around the world and some of the consequences of having a very sweet tooth. (I feel like these are cautionary tales aimed at me and my sweet tooth!)

Finally, Serena Star-Leonard tells me about her Five Point Five project and the stories of amazing people she and her partner Johnny have been collecting during their travels.


Fun and Philosophical Travel - Episode 60 - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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