Taking Photos of People on Your Travels – Episode 57 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I get to meet all sorts of interesting people thanks to my blog and photographers are often amongst the most interesting of them all! Here in Perth I volunteer on the committee for the Fremantle International Portrait Prize, a contest running since 2009 to the best photography portraits from anywhere (to date we’ve had entries from over 40 countries!), with proceeds going to the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation of Western Australia.

Fremantle International Portrait Prize 2017

With entries opening for another prize, I thought it was a great chance to chat with a couple of the photographers I sit with on this committee, both to give us some more insights into taking photos of people when we travel and to let you all know about this contest, in case you also have some amazing photos ready to submit. This photo is from my second guest, Dale Neill, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out the fascinating story behind it!

Taking Photos of People on Your Travels - Portrait from Dale Neill

The Wounded Princess – portrait by Dale Neill – listen to the podcast for the story behind the photo

Show notes: Episode 57 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Taking Photos of People on Your Travels

In Episode 57 of The Thoughtful Travel podcast I talk about taking photos of people on your travels by chatting with a couple of photographers I know who volunteer with me for the Fremantle International Portrait Prize. I always feel photographers are particularly good at being thoughtful travellers because they are always trying to get into the minds of the locals to get the best, most telling photographs in different places around the world.
I chat first with Lawrie Beilin, who has a wide range of excellent tips on breaking the ice and getting good photographs of people you meet on your travels. Secondly, I hear a story from photographer Dale Neill who really has a knack for getting people to create amazing portrait images. I’ll also tell you a little about the Fremantle International Portrait Prize in case you want to enter some photographs from your travels too.

Taking Photos of People on Your Travels - Episode 57 - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast


  1. I love these photos! Taking photos of people on travels is such a thought-provoking subject! It’s always good to ask for permission, but at the same time you do risk losing the ‘spontaneity’ of the moment. We have a wonderful picture in Japan where I was posing in front of a house in Gion and the owner opened the door with a shocked look on his face! I’m not sure whether to share it, but it was such a great moment!

  2. It’s always wonderful so sit in a Cafe in a foreign country and observe the people and take photos.

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