Does Croatia rhyme with nature?

I’ve been down the rabbit hole of old photos recently. Have you visited such a rabbit hole? It’s a delightful journey through Croatia and Tunisia and Japan and eastern Australia and a million other places, in my case, and although it’s time-consuming to get lost in all these memories it’s also really a whole lot of fun! This time I kept coming across Croatian memories. And they are beautiful ones.

Does Croatia Rhyme With Nature

Croatia has popped into my mind regularly recently because I’ve been talking a lot about beaches since my Coral Coast and Ningaloo trip. I often say (even though I know I’m a little biased) that our Western Australian beaches are the best in the world. When I stumbled across my Croatian photos – I visited on a central Europe camping trip about ten years ago – it reminded me of all my European friends who raved about the Croatian coastline before I went. The beaches, they told me, were magnificent.

Croatia and nature definitely go together

What I discovered, I must admit, was that their opinions about beaches and mine were somewhat different. For a start, a lot of Croatian beaches are made up of pebbles rather than sand. My European friends told me this makes the water clearer (no sand washing in and out) and they are probably right. But it makes them quite painful to walk on!

The water, though, is definitely gorgeous. I had a couple of boat rides along the Croatian coast and the views are impressive, for sure. While cities like Dubrovnik or Split are marvellous places to explore, it’s the coast that really makes Croatia special.

Beyond the Croatian beaches: Plitvice Lakes

But it’s not just the coast. There’s more nature in Croatia, much more, and the part that really took my breath away is a little further inland at the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It’s a World Heritage-listed park with a series of lakes (Wikipedia says 16, in my memory it is more like 600 … ah, the blurring memory of time!). It’s utterly gorgeous and enough reason to go to Croatia alone, in my opinion.

Plivice Lakes, Croatia

Beautiful views of the Plivice Lakes, Croatia

There are a few different ways to reach the area and I can highly recommend this detailed post about exploring Plitvice Lakes if you want to try it out for yourself.

So does nature rhyme with Croatia?

Nearly. Does anything rhyme with Croatia? Not precisely. But I assure you that the nature in Croatia is well worth seeing. I’m determined to take another Croatia trip at some stage in my life. Have you tried out Croatia for size? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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