Digital scrapbooking and recalling Japan a decade on

I’m a bit of a hoarder. (My mother will read this. She’ll say I’m not just a bit of a hoarder …)
In any case, I’m entirely too sentimental and I hate to throw anything away that reminds me of some fun or interesting thing that happened to me in the past. Of course, when it’s travel-related it somehow becomes even more important and unable to be thrown away.
So, for ages (ever since I learnt such a thing could be done, so at least several years) I’ve been wanting to organise some of my collection of odds and ends from my travels into a digital format. Slowly in those barely existing “spare moments” over the last few months I’ve been starting to scan, photoshop, get creative and finally am producing some digital scrapbook pages for my travels.
Which is just as well because I arrived in Japan well over ten years ago. (Okay, in a few months it will be 12 years ago – and almost a decade ago that I left!!) Strangely enough my wonderful experiences there still feel as vivid as if they happened just last week, but the process of turning some of my bits and pieces into digital scrapbook pages has certainly brought it all even more back to life.
I’ll probably divulge a few more of these pages over on my Not A Ballerina Facebook page in the coming months but I thought I’d show you the beginning:

You can see just what a hoarder I am. I still have the job ad for the teaching job that took me to Japan, and the autumn leaf you can see is a genuine, ten-year-old Japanese autumn leaf, collected in Kyoto. Even the pretty strip of flowers across the bottom is a scan of a scarf given to me as a gift by one of my students.

Can you match or beat my hoarding habits?


  1. That is a lovely scrapbooking page. Lovely way to keep your beautiful memories.

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