New year, new travels: My plans for 2013

An Irish writer named John Millington Synge is the reason I’m going to visit the Aran Islands this year. Curiously, though, I’d never heard of him until recently. Yet when I realised his inspiration was going to put me close to landscapes like this:

Inishmaan by kevinoneill

then I couldn’t resist! Let me explain: it all started with some good friends of ours who travelled around Europe last year. One of them is a genealogy geek (Maria from Genies Down Under) and they decided to head to Inishmaan, the middle of the three main Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, because her husband’s great-uncle had some links to it – and yes, the great-uncle in question is writer John Millington Synge. He spent some time on the island writing, something her husband needs to do too, so they came up with a plan to return for six months in 2013 – to a house with room to spare, and that’s why I’ll be heading there for a while, too!

Inishmaan by LiamDC (not the house I’m staying in!)

So, I’m looking forward to hitting the Aran Islands later this year, and of course since I’m going all the way to Ireland, I’m also going to drop in to see the in-laws in German (and help my son see how important bilingualism is) and since it is practically just around the corner (at least compared to travelling within Australia) I’m also going to stop in Trnava, Slovakia, to visit a dear friend from my time in Bratislava. All with stopovers in Dubai en route – a place I’ve never been and never been too excited about seeing, but when you’re facing travelling with a three-year-old and at least one way without another adult, then suddenly the possibility of breaking up those endless hours and hours of flying seems exceedingly important.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty excited about having these travel plans set up for 2013. Along with that, we have a bunch of domestic frequent flyer points to use so there’ll very likely be some kind of trip to the east coast of Australia, but just when and where is totally up in the air at the moment. But having had a couple of years of relatively little travel (thanks to the combination of living in the most isolated city on earth and having a baby), I’m thrilled that 2013 will bring me some more travel inspiration and that unique feeling of freedom and power that travel seems to remind me of.

So your turn now – what are you travel plans or dreams for 2013?


  1. Great travel plans Amanda. We are considering spending next Christmas with my daughter and her partner´s family in France and then onto Portugal to visit the rest of my family and friends. Happy New Year with lots of travel too.

  2. Your travel plans sounds lovely! I will be looking forward to hear more when the times come… My own plans includes “only” England for this year, I think – and maybe (possibly) several stopovers in Bruges/Belgium. I like… 😉

  3. I love how your travel plans came to be! The best trips are the ones that spawn out of knowing somebody in someplace new, and going to visit them. Traveling based off of an idea is my favorite way to come up with new trips!

    • Thanks Darren – I agree completely! I love travelling in a way that creates a bit of a story to tell, and having a story to tell right from deciding where you’ll go is the best start of all. Can’t wait!

  4. Hey, it’s been a while since i’ve been on your site and i have to say i LOVE the new look. I hope to get to Ireland myself this year and i seem to go to alot of literary places so thanks for letting me know about this one. Goodluck with your future travel plans.

  5. Sounds fantastic! I’m like yourself, been cocooned in Australia making babies for a few years so now 2013 is THE YEAR! We’re headed to Ireland – the north – stopping off in Singapore, London and Spain, so very excited.
    Hope it all goes well.
    And hope it doesn’t rain on you the whole time!

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