Moscow beauty spots (because I love Moscow)

With large-scale protests against the recent (probably fraudulent) elections in Russia, Moscow is all over the news at the moment, again. Moscow hits the headlines quite often – as you’d expect from a pretty important capital city – but so often in a negative way and people often tell me they’re surprised I’ve been there (twice). Isn’t it dangerous?

Sometimes, a little, but that’s not what I want to talk about (I’ve done that before). I thought it was timely for me to do some PR for the positives of Moscow just to counterbalance things a little. Because in fact, Moscow is not just home to my all-time favourite building, St Basil’s Cathedral, it’s also home to numerous other things of beauty.

One of the most surprising ones (I think) is the underground metro stations – while some are the damp, dingy places you expect, others are decorated ornately and stopping there feels like walking through a fancy art gallery. There are stations covered with stained glass, others with intricate mosaics or bronze statues, and still others that might get you confused and thinking you are actually in a grand old ballroom (like Komsomolskaya below).

Komsomolskaya Metro Station, Moscow

Above the ground there are also plenty of photogenic sites. You might not expect the Kremlin to be so beautiful, given that we always hear “the Kremlin” in the news as being the source of not always sensible government decision-making, but the actual cathedrals within the Kremlin are stunning – I took numerous photos of all kinds of pretty bits, like these towers below.

Inside the Kremlin, Moscow

I could go on. Moscow is not all you see on the TV. It’s also a city with some incredibly beautiful moments, some warm people and some fantastic experiences. Just a reminder, that’s all!

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