My international flag obsession and how it’s obviously genetic

After being driven around Europe for six months as a child, I developed quite an obsession with things geographical: capital cities, currencies, languages and especially flags. One of the local banks put out a poster every year or two showing all the flags of the world and I adored this poster. Yes, I was a geek.

But apparently geeks breed geeks. This photo is not a set up – the small boy was left to his own devices for a minute or two and flipped over the pages in this big standing-up book thing to the page full of flags. However, given that he is not even two yet, I should say he’s not exactly pointing to particular country’s flags on demand. What he is mostly interested in is the flags which feature moons (a surprising number, actually – and the background is explained in Wikipedia’s bit on Islamic flags) because he’s going through a moon-obsession phase. I did manage to briefly distract him with flags featuring stars (also a large number) but the moons won over. Pakistan was a particular favourite.

But I’m hoping that his interest in flags will remain. And grow. And he’ll be begging me to take him to some distant country or other and I’ll just have to go travelling again, you know, for the sake of his development.


  1. We have a map of the world up on the wall. have doen since lil emp was a lot younger. I would always point out stuff on it to him so he is aware of other countries and where we are, where we have been etc. Now he is learning about the continents at school and is really enjoying it! he still hasn’t stopped obsessing about Egypt (remember from our zoo trip?) so i guess that is where we will be off to next! yippee!
    i love that he is interested in other countries and has already visited a couple (at the ripe old age of four!). hoping it instills a life long love of travel and that he always takes me with him! lol!
    must start talking about the world with the tiger too… x

  2. I really got into flags when I started playing “Where in the world is Carmen Sandeigo?” I had a good portion of them memorized, but alas I’ve forgotten them all. Give me an atlas of them and I might remember again 🙂

  3. I’m sure they’d come back to you – stored in the ol’ brain *somewhere*! I never played Carmen Sandiego but I’m pretty sure I would have enjoyed it 🙂 (hmm I wonder if it still exists? will go look!)

  4. Ooh I’m so glad you said that Rach, I was just talking to Jan about a world map I saw the other day and forgot to buy and he said “that can wait a bit” but now I’m convinced I’ll go back for it!! I had forgotten the Egypt thing – what a great excuse for choosing an excellent destination!

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