Sharing breakfast with giraffes in Kenya

With a small boy around, suddenly I’m talking and thinking a lot more about animals. And thus over the past year or so I’ve come to the conclusion that one of my favourite animals is the giraffe. Which means when I read this blog post about Giraffe Manor I got quite giddy.

Giraffe Manor is a boutique hotel in Kenya and it’s super-special because a herd of giraffes live on site and they literally will stick their heads through the windows of the very room where you might be eating breakfast! Isn’t that incredible?

Friendly giraffe at Giraffe Manor

Sorry, I’m not trying to sound all gushy but I just think it seems like a very cool place and I’m imagining what the small boy would think if a giraffe stuck his head in while we were scoffing our muesli.

I might need to be a little wealthier to visit (I didn’t dare check the prices) but it’s free to blog about it, so I am doing so and adding this spot to my places I’d like to go list. It doesn’t hurt to dream and where giraffes are concerned I will do plenty of dreaming!

Photo from VisitingKenya via CC/Flickr


  1. Anne Cully says

    I’d love to go there, giraffe’s are so beautiful … a friend has fantastic photos!

  2. Oh wow! Africa has never been top of my list of travel destinations, but that looks super cool. The rooms look beautiful too. I tried to check the prices but I think you have to email for them… I’d love to go there!

  3. @ Anne, glad you agree with my giraffe fascination! (and when are you going to start blogging again?!)

    @ Jane, LOL you went one step further than me in looking for prices – I just wanted to keep it within fantasy range and not get any concrete details!

  4. I love that photo. It looks like the giraffe is posing (and smiling)!

  5. wow talk about peeping toms, at least it would be easy to give the police a description of who was loitering outside your window. Great place

  6. @ Evan, so true, it looks like they were trying to take a pic of the building and the giraffe stuck his head round the corner!

    @ The Ponder Room, yes I wonder what the police would make of the description … um, he was tall, very very tall …

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