One day … Museo Soumaya

Being slightly obsessive about travelling means I am very often coming across places that I really want to go and see some day. It occurred to me recently that I might start forgetting these – especially since there are so many – so I’ve decided to blog about some of the key places on my “one day” list!

This weekend we were talking about rich people and art, and my husband (a major art freak) told me about the new Museo Soumaya in Mexico City. Two cool things about this place: one, it’s in a cool building, purpose built and definitely a bit on the designer side; two, because the owner, Carlos Slim, is a spectacularly rich man he’s managed to collect a huge number of (obviously-not-quite) priceless artworks from around the world so there is some incredible stuff to see – a bunch of Rodin sculptures, for example. Oh, there’s a third cool thing I almost forgot – the museum is named after Slim’s late wife, Soumaya, so I’m imagining my husband somehow becoming rich and opening the Museum Amanda one day (hopefully I wouldn’t have to be dead though).

Mexico City is a place that, I must say, intrigues me but with a little dose of fear. I’m not at all keen on large cities, although I love New York, and managed to get over my claustrophobic fear of Japanese peak time trains because I was taller than everyone else; Mexico City, to me, is a massive, sprawling, overcrowded city and I’m not sure I’d be comfortable there. Perhaps a flying visit just to pop into Museo Soumaya is in order? And then out to the coast somewhere to enjoy some relaxing Mexican eating and drinking, and to contemplate all the magnificent artworks I’ve just seen. One day …

Thanks to Wikicommons for the pic of the Museo Soumaya building and vladimix for the inside shot via Flickr/CC.

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