Why I haven’t been to New Zealand yet (but really want to go)

When I’m travelling and people hear I’m from Australia, it’s surprisingly often that they ask me about New Zealand. Fair enough, I suppose, since we are near neighbours, but coming from Perth on the far west coast of Australia, it’s well over 5,000 kilometres to New Zealand – imagine how many countries you can drive through in Europe and still have plenty of your 5,000 km to spare! So I always have to admit that I’ve never actually been to New Zealand.

The beauty of Queenstown, New Zealand

However, distance is not my only excuse. Another important reason I haven’t explored Kiwi-land yet is that my parents, the ones who encouraged all my early travels, cheated me out of a trip there! They went the year before I was born. How dare they, I’ve often thought! Well, not really, they did manage to take me to Europe and around Australia, so I really can’t complain, but it’s certainly the reason why they never took me there.

In any case, I’ve now met so many lovely Kiwis, seen so many photogenic must-sees in travel articles and heard more than enough people tell me I really have to get to New Zealand, so it is firmly entrenched on my list of future destinations. If you’ve been to New Zealand then give me some tips on your favourite spots in the comments below.


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happening for New Zealand after the horror of their recent earthquake.

 [Pic of Queenstown by cheetah100,  via Flickr CC]


  1. Spa Park on the Waikato River in Taupo (take the walk from Huka falls, or approach it from the other end)… go find your perfect spa temperature near the bridge where a hot spring feeds into the frigid (but oh-so crisp and clear) river water. One of my absolute favorite experiences so far. Loved it so much, I’ve been back already!

  2. Ooh thanks Kirstin, that sounds absolutely divine! That will definitely go on my list of must-dos.

  3. No worries! The best part is that it’s not as high on the touristy list, so the crowds shouldn’t be as heavy as you might find at Hot Water Beach! (But in my opinion it’s better because it takes less work!) Enjoy your trip whenever it may be!

  4. Even more perfect then – I’m not really one for big tourist crowds. As an Aussie (even if I am all the way over on the west coast) and a traveller, it’s not a matter of if I come to New Zealand, just a matter of when. I just had a look at your blog Kirstin and think I’ll be able to get a bunch of tips from there too.

  5. It’s weird that so many Aussies have never been to NZ – we always seem to travel the rest of the world first! Like you, it’s on my ever growing list!

  6. Yes it is a bit crazy isn’t it – although I know a while back when I was planning some trips and had a choice, it was so much cheaper to go to Asia and (I imagined) more exotic than going to New Zealand – but of course New Zealand has incredible natural beauty, which I’m so very keen to see. Also, especially from Perth, the airfares to NZ used to be crazy – but they are much more reasonable these days. Well, they’re my excuses anyway!!

  7. Hi Amanda,
    I’m similar to you. Altough I’m from Austria I find I have travelled all over the world before i have even visited my neighbouring countries. I know its not really an excuse, if a 4-hour train journey could take me to munich!!

    I remember Rotorua being very lovely. ALso I think a must see is the “glow worm cave” in Waitomo. On route there is a bee farm, where you get some really really nice honey and other stuff from bees.

    Hope you enjoy NZ, I just loved it and cant wait to visit again

  8. Thanks for your tips, Sarita, I’m a big fan of honey so will definitely put that on my list!

    And it’s crazy isn’t it that we travel far before we travel near – crazy but perhaps quite common!

  9. I know what you mean about the tourist crowds! I’m actually in the process of composing a post about my favorite off-the-beaten-path spots! My blog loves attention, so hopefully it is helpful! 🙂

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