The comforts of home while you travel

For a couple of months now I’ve had a fortnightly spot on regional radio here in Western Australia, becoming the resident “travel blogger” on ABC Radio’s Regional Drive show. The topics vary from fortnight to fortnight but are always interesting, I think, and a lot of fun for me to draw on all my different travel experiences to share something useful with the listeners.
So, I thought I could also share a bit of a summary with my blog readers after the spot each fortnight. This week, in honour of the difficulties as athletes move into the Commonwealth Games village in India, we talked about “creature comforts” and what you’ll put up with – and what you won’t – when you’re travelling.
This topic reminded me firstly of my very first overseas trip as a nine-year-old – and one of our first stops, a hotel in London. In our family folklore this hotel was so famously dirty that my mother wouldn’t let our bare feet touch the carpet, and we constantly wore the floppy green socks provided by Cathay Pacific on our flight over.
Since then, my standards lowered – when I travelled in my twenties, I really wasn’t too fussy at all – and have raised again – nowadays, and especially when travelling with my baby, I want a CLEAN room! Other things I used to manage without were a bathroom/toilet in my room – trekking down the corridor in the middle of the night didn’t worry me when I could save some money – but these days, I want to avoid that.
What about you? Let me know in the comments what home comforts you need while travelling.
Photo courtesy of notphilatall via Creative Commons (and it’s of Alcatraz – not a real hotel room, don’t worry!)

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