Summer holiday destinations and my favourite beach trips

My last chat on ABC radio was a timely discussion of summer holiday destinations. Timely because last week here in Perth it really felt like summer here - we were in the pool every evening - whereas so far this week it feels like spring again and I've had to wear socks to bed several times. (Warmer … [Read more...]

Superwoman travellers, or thinking about women travelling solo

By clever coincidence this week, the topic this week for my ABC radio spot was woman who travel on their own. I've already been thinking quite a lot about this topic recently so was definitely ready to have a chat about it.While most of my travel has been with a boyfriend/husband, and occasionally … [Read more...]

Tourists and their expectations, or did the Eiffel Tower let you down?

Last week on my ABC radio spot we were discussing the topic of the expectations you have when you travel. In particular, we talked about some of the "big ticket" tourist attractions and how they often didn't - or couldn't! - live up to your expectations once you arrived.I have to say that on the … [Read more...]

The comforts of home while you travel

For a couple of months now I've had a fortnightly spot on regional radio here in Western Australia, becoming the resident "travel blogger" on ABC Radio's Regional Drive show. The topics vary from fortnight to fortnight but are always interesting, I think, and a lot of fun for me to draw on all my … [Read more...]