Northern Europe and lots of snow, a la Joanna Lumley

Recently the ABC screened a documentary called Joanna Lumley in the Land of the Northern Lights and the trailer – featuring lots of beautiful shots of snowy landscapes – made me keen to see it. It was all about Lumley – a British actress/comedian best known to me for Absolutely Fabulous – chasing her childhood dream of seeing the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. She journeys around both Finland and far northern Norway, crossing the Arctic Circle with husky dogs and snowmobiling around to her heart’s content and yes, finally seeing those elusive lights.

While I’m not sure I’d recommend the show to anyone other than real Lumley fans (she kind of takes over too much, and unless you liked her you might go crazy – or you could watch it with the sound off just to enjoy the scenery), I was just feasting on all the snow shots. It made me jump into my archive of photos of my Christmas trip to Finland a few years ago and I found I’ve only put up one gratuitous snow photo on this blog so far. For an Aussie, particularly a West Aussie, snow is something eternally magical, and snowscapes like you get in the Arctic Circle regions in winter are pure gold. Any excuse for me to post some here for me to daydream about. Plus, it’s nearly Christmas, a truly snowy time for many of you in
the other hemisphere to me.

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