My own fall-of-the-Berlin-Wall anniversary

I wasn’t in Berlin for the fall of the wall twenty years ago this month. You wouldn’t expect a young Aussie girl to be there, of course. But incredibly, I was there almost a year later on October 3rd, 1990, when west and east were reunited.

With all the media attention this significant anniversary is getting, I had to dig out my old photos and relive my experience of German reunification. I was lucky: our school trip to Germany (since I learnt German in school) coincided with this time, and even luckier, we were in Berlin on that very day.
My host family took me to Brandenburg Gate and we were there at midnight for the fireworks and celebrations as Germany became one again. As a 14-year-old Australian girl, it was probably the most overwhelming experience I’d had so far in my life. Little wonder, perhaps, that my fascination with Germany continued to the point that I lived there for a few years and married a German, too.


  1. What an incredible memory to have! I’m not surprised you went back there to live then married a German. As the Germans would say… ‘PROST!” 🙂

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