Rottnest Island is paradise: German immigrant says so

If you start from the assumption that Perth is the most isolated city on earth (and this must be true because Wikipedia says so), then how can you describe a tiny island just off the coast of Perth other than really, really remote?

This tiny island is called Rottnest, and I’ve actually been instructed by Jan to keep it a secret from the rest of the world. Personally, I figure it’s so far away that you’ll all be satisfied just to read about it on this blog and then let us enjoy it for ourselves.

In two sentences: Rottnest Island came to be around 7,000 years ago when rising sea levels cut it off from the Aussie mainland, and although Aboriginal people had lived there for 30,000 years it was claimed by British settlers in the 1800s, but not before the Dutch named it. It was part of the military defence systems and a prison in both World Wars but these days it’s only a prison for holidaymakers, with simple accommodation and a couple of modest hotels, all within a hop, skip and jump of the beach.

I love Rottnest because it doesn’t have high rise hotels, because there are virtually no cars and you can ride your bike without fear, and because the beaches have that perfect white sand and amazing blue-green water that’s usually reserved for airbrushed tourist brochures. So now you know this paradise exists, but just let us enjoy it. Jan, my German immigrant husband who is rapidly becoming more Aussie, would kill me if he thought I was encouraging more visitors to “Rotto”.

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