8 reasons I love Rottnest: Perth’s best nearcation

I'm taking part in The Lost Backpack's Blog Carnival today, and it's all about Nearcations - a holiday which doesn't take you too far from home, but still feels like a great getaway. Regular readers will know that I have raved about Rottnest Island a time or two before, and no wonder because it fits … [Read more...]

Rottnest Island: Day trip or overnight? No contest!

In honour of several sanity-challenged friends of mine who are due to participate in the Rottnest Channel Swim this weekend, I've been thinking about my favourite island paradise - usually referred to as "Rotto" by us locals. Trips to Rottnest are an obligatory part of a visit to Perth these days, … [Read more...]

Summer holiday destinations and my favourite beach trips

My last chat on ABC radio was a timely discussion of summer holiday destinations. Timely because last week here in Perth it really felt like summer here - we were in the pool every evening - whereas so far this week it feels like spring again and I've had to wear socks to bed several times. (Warmer … [Read more...]

Vladivostok, Rottnest Island and Italian art: All in a week’s mail

I've had a sudden influx of mail from Ballerina readers, with questions and comments about all kinds of different topics, and every email I get makes me smile - it's nice to know there are real people out there reading this blog. I had a great message from Zachary who's planning to head off on the … [Read more...]

Is it a rat … a kangaroo … no, it’s a quokka

This promised installment to relive our holiday on Rottnest Island looks at what the Rottnest Island Authority very timidly describes as "possibly the most well known animal on Rottnest Island" (if anyone can tell me a better-known Rotto animal, I'd love to know what it is). Our friendliest … [Read more...]

Rottnest Island is paradise: German immigrant says so

If you start from the assumption that Perth is the most isolated city on earth (and this must be true because Wikipedia says so), then how can you describe a tiny island just off the coast of Perth other than really, really remote?This tiny island is called Rottnest, and I've actually been … [Read more...]