Multicultural madness

My new day job – teaching English to foreigners at St Mark’s International College in Perth – not only pays the bills, but gives me plenty of inspiration. Just as I learned so much from my fantastic students back in Germany (and elsewhere!), spending my day with people of many nationalities ensures I stay open and aware of how the varying parts of the world work. During January I had the good fortune to teach a group of 16- and 17-year-olds from all over Asia, most of whom will stay on in Perth and take the challenge of attending an Australian high school.

They taught me (among other things) that feng shui is really something totally different to what we think, that Koreans can ice skate well but Vietnamese can’t, and that soccer really is an international spot. Here you can see three of my cheerful students at our final day picnic in Hyde Park – Nguyen from Vietnam, Tanin from Thailand and Bill from China.

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