Bouncy bubbles in Karlsruhe

Sunday morning after a Saturday night German round-of-16 victory turned out to be the perfect time for an outing to the ZKM Media Museum in nearby Karlsruhe. We had the place to ourselves (apart from a few too many overly attentive museum staff) and could explore dozens of wacky interactive displays in peace. Something of a mix between a hands-on science museum and an art gallery, three floors of displays kept us busy most of the day: if you’re ever in Karlsruhe (and you never really know, do you!) then check it out. My favourites included “Bubbles”, a projected display of falling bubbles on a wall which I could bounce and pop using my shadow, and a fractal geometry sound display with spooky sound changes as we slid the mouse around. Of course, then it was back to watch another back-to-back day of knockout round soccer – these days in Germany, what else is there to do?

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