A new direction for Not A Ballerina’s travels

In the midst of an internet crisis - yes, it's a first world problem but I had to survive with barely any internet at home for ten days, and I'm afraid to say it was not all that fun - my blog passed its seventh birthday. Suddenly this lack of enthusiasm for blogging I'd developed over a couple of … [Read more...]

Geeks, travelling and geek travel

I'm going to let you all in on a secret today - something that may not be that surprising, but kind of a secret just the same - I am a bit of a nerd. Or a geek. Or whatever term you want to use. I think "square" was the label of choice back in my school days. I loved school (yes, I know, not … [Read more...]

7 super shots … and a bunch of travel memories

Regular readers will know I'm a sucker for travel memes because I love a chance to reminisce about my past trips, so I was excited to be tagged by Linda at Journey Jottings, so now I am taking part in Hostelbookers 7 Super Shots. Choosing just seven pictures and their stories to tell is tricky but … [Read more...]

Nightlife on the coast, Australia

A sponsored post for you today while I'm flat out working - all about enjoying the nightlife on the Aussie coast. Enjoy!As a born and bred Sydneysider, I’m fairly confident about my grasp of coastal life. I know how far from the beach you can go before you have to put clothes on over your swimmers. … [Read more...]

Learning to love art galleries

A bit of a confession: during the early stages of my travels around the world, I tended to visit art galleries out of a sense of duty. I liked the idea of going to galleries, but didn't really get how people could spend a long time in one, and I visited more because I felt like you should see the … [Read more...]

Ten years too late to be location independent

When I left Perth to live abroad and travel in 2001, the internet was definitely around, but not always easily accessible. I couldn't afford to have home internet access in Japan (I did manage in Slovakia and Germany though) and mobile devices like the iPhone just weren't there. I'm guessing that's … [Read more...]

The A-Z travels of Amanda from Not A Ballerina

There's a great meme doing the rounds of travel blogs at the moment - an A-Z of your travel experience - and I just can't pass up the chance to look back on some of my favourite moments of travel and share them with you - alphabetically! So here goes ...A: Age at which you first … [Read more...]

Christmas wishes from Not A Ballerina

Eeek!! It's Christmas again? How did that happen? This year has flown by spectacularly fast, no doubt the product of the small traveller being in my life. I wasn't able to fit in (or afford!) too much travel, but our recent trip to Tasmania was a fantastic one and I have a feeling 2012 will be more … [Read more...]

10 secrets of this travel blogger

It's meme time again. For all you non-bloggers, that means I've been tagged (by the lovely Rachel) to write a blog post on this particular topic: 10 things you probably didn't (and don't need to?!) know about me. Given that I've had a weekend with very little sleep (thanks to a small boy, not … [Read more...]

Chileans rate as great tourists and I agree

ESL class party with Chileans circled. Find out why below!My friend I-Lyn (previously mentioned for her discovery of tigers in Denmark) sent me an article on the World's best tourists last week and as I suspected from the title, it was both a bit odd and rather controversial! I guess anything … [Read more...]