5 reasons Iceland gets under your skin

I challenge you to find anyone who's travelled to Iceland and feels half-hearted about it. It's a little over a year since I returned from my first (very longed for) trip to Iceland and it's still a place that completely haunts my thoughts. Iceland got under my skin in a way that very few other … [Read more...]

Iceland. Iceland! I can’t stop talking about Iceland.

I owe everyone who knows me in person, everyone who follows me on Facebook, and everyone who reads the blog, an apology. I realise that I can't stop talking about Iceland. I hear myself bring it up nearly every day. I see myself post about it far too regularly on Facebook. For a country whose … [Read more...]

10 tips for your Iceland trip

I feel like every man and his dog has been to Iceland lately, but in reality that's just because I spend a lot of time seeking out people who want to talk about Iceland! If you haven't been, I hope I'm convincing you to go - and that these tips for your Iceland trip will help you get the most out of … [Read more...]

Why I’m not finished with Iceland yet

It's not just the hot dogs, not just the glaciers, not just the expansive, inspiring views. It's not even just the quirk of it all, or the fact that I listened to The Sugar Cubes before Björk went out on her own. I can't actually explain it at all, but what started as an intrigue about Iceland … [Read more...]

Our southern Iceland itinerary: Tips for a week in Iceland

Keen to float amongst glaciers, walk under waterfalls and gaze at volcanos (hopefully not as they erupt)? Regular readers should guess straight away that I'm talking about the country I've most recently fallen in love with: Iceland. I still have so much to tell you about Iceland. This week … [Read more...]

Airbnb in Iceland, or accommodation to help you fall in love with Iceland even more deeply

Everyone’s been talking about Airbnb lately. Well, not quite everybody, because quite often when I told people we used Airbnb in Iceland they’ve replied with something like, “Oh yes, B and Bs are such great options for meeting people,” and I’d try to spell it out that actually I mean Air B and B … [Read more...]

7 things I didn’t expect in Iceland (and 3 I did)

Iceland blew me away. I knew it'd be different somehow, but it surpassed my expectations and I know it's a place I'll return to someday, even though it seems to be the opposite end of the earth from Australia. I have so, so much to tell you about Iceland, and I want to start with what … [Read more...]

So I went to a conference and I won a few frequent flyer points …

I went to the Gold Coast again last week for the Problogger conference. Astute readers might remember I wasn't a fan of the Gold Coast last time round. Well, it turns out I can totally be bought and I will forever have a VERY soft spot for the Gold Coast. For a few reasons, but mostly because this … [Read more...]