Happy 10th birthday to Not A Ballerina! It’s my blog anniversary!

Well, here we are: the blog is turning ten. I've been blogging here for a whole decade! In past years I've celebrated my blog's birthday with cake (and quite often, by forgetting to celebrate the blog anniversary entirely). This year, my blog's birthday - 28th June - falls somewhat awkwardly on a … [Read more...]

#mylocalworld – discovering how other people’s everyday worlds look

The celebrations for Not A Ballerina's tenth birthday continue and for April, I'm holding a photo-a-day challenge - #mylocalworld. The idea is that readers and followers from all around the world can share an image a day during April, following the topics below, so that we can all build up a … [Read more...]

Should you travel? Of course! Learning from nine years of Not A Ballerina

Think back nine years. In other words, cast your mind back to the faraway year of 2005. Where were you and what were you doing? Nine years ago in Germany ... I know exactly what I was doing on this day in 2005. I was sitting at a funny little wooden Ikea desk in my apartment in Heilbronn, Germany, … [Read more...]