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Historical hotels: A creepy night at Wolf’s Lair, Poland

One of the creepiest places I've ever spent the night was at Wolf's Lair (aka Wolfschanze in German, or Wilczym Szancu in Polish), near the town of Gierloz in the north of Poland. I stayed in a hotel on the site at the very place where Hitler spent a significant amount of time during World War Two … [Read more...]

How I use technology when I’m travelling

When I was travelling and living abroad full-time, I was basically a technology-free girl. This was pre-smart phones and tablets and although I had a laptop, it was way too heavy to lug in my backpack and usually stayed sitting on a desk wherever my home base was at the time. Not me, … [Read more...]

How I survived air travel with a toddler

On my last trip to Germany I survived air travel with a baby, and then the baby got bigger. I realised that our next trips were going to be a bit trickier. Somewhat ambitiously (in retrospect) I booked flights from Perth to Tasmania via Melbourne (there's no direct route) for a time when our little … [Read more...]

Tasmania with a toddler: Highlight – Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park

When we decided to go to Tasmania with our little boy, one place I was determined to revisit was the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park on the Tasman Peninsula not too far from Port Arthur. I remembered it clearly from my first visit as an amazing place to see Tasmanian devils up close and feeding … [Read more...]

Galloping back on the travel wagon, via Melbourne

There have been a few key moments in my travelling life when I've kind of thought, yes, I'm a traveller and I can go anywhere I want. If you're not "a traveller" (whatever I really mean by that) this may not make sense, but for me it's a very powerful moment that kind of gives me the feeling that I … [Read more...]

12 great landscape views I’d love to see (one day!)

Since my Tasmanian trip, I've been increasingly obsessed with amazing landscapes and have been doing lots of "travel daydreaming", so I decided to put together a list of beautiful places I'd like to visit. So be warned, there is lots of travel-lover's eye candy here and if you're feeling stuck in a … [Read more...]

Tasmania with a toddler: Hobart and Launceston

On our trip to Tasmania our focus was definitely more on nature and landscape than cities, and we just had a couple of half-days in Launceston (where we flew in and out of) and just one day in Hobart, the capital city. And we were glad we'd planned it that way, because we both felt ready to get out … [Read more...]

Christmas wishes from Not A Ballerina

Eeek!! It's Christmas again? How did that happen? This year has flown by spectacularly fast, no doubt the product of the small traveller being in my life. I wasn't able to fit in (or afford!) too much travel, but our recent trip to Tasmania was a fantastic one and I have a feeling 2012 will be more … [Read more...]