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I'm Amanda Kendle. I'm "Not A Ballerina", but a traveller and a thinker, and I love to write about my travel experiences in a way that is both fun and meaningful. Not A Ballerina: A Traveller and a Thinker is a travel blog which nudges those who think they might like to travel somewhere to get up … [Read more...]

The shock of no culture shock on arriving in Germany

When I first moved overseas to Japan, I definitely experienced a degree of culture shock, as anyone who's been to Japan can understand - they do lots of things differently there. I soon adjusted and loved living this different life, and when I moved on to Slovakia I found another complete set of … [Read more...]

The weirdest place I’ve ever bumped in to someone I knew

I attended my 20th high school reunion last week. I missed the 10th since I was living in ... hmm, I guess it was Japan at the time; I was at the 15th, but it was very soon after I'd moved back from Germany and to be honest, I was still feeling totally out of the loop, I didn't talk to many people … [Read more...]

Review: Rough Guide to Germany

I'm always rather keen to check out guide books on countries I know well - I can compare what the writers say to what I know from reality - so I jumped at the chance to review a new guide to Germany. Sometimes the info adds up, sometimes it doesn't. I'm not necessarily a fan of using guide books any … [Read more...]

Ten years too late to be location independent

When I left Perth to live abroad and travel in 2001, the internet was definitely around, but not always easily accessible. I couldn't afford to have home internet access in Japan (I did manage in Slovakia and Germany though) and mobile devices like the iPhone just weren't there. I'm guessing that's … [Read more...]

My reverse bucket list

I'm not really a fan of the bucket list craze that seems to be sweeping the world (and travellers in particular!). I don't mind a spot of travel daydreaming, but the idea of making a really long list of things I must do before I die is a bit overwhelming (especially since I have no idea how long I … [Read more...]

Visiting the most visited countries, or not

The lovely Enduring Wanderlust blog just published a summary of the 10 Most Visited Countries according to recently released statistics on international tourist arrivals. I guess I'd never really given much thought to which countries would be on such a list - I'm the kind of traveller who prefers to … [Read more...]