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Things to do in Riga, Latvia: Because lots of people want to go there

I've been getting a huge amount of traffic from people searching for information on Riga, the Latvian capital, lately, and since the post they land on is really just a brief overview of my favourite parts of Riga, I decided it was worth going a bit more in depth here. I am a huge fan of the Baltic … [Read more...]

Reader questions: Seeing practically all of Europe!

I love reader questions and when they're from people I know like up-and-coming graphic designer Amanda then it's even more exciting to help them out with their travel plans. Amanda and her boyfriend Trent are planning a big trip to Europe next year and of course I wanted to know more (helpful AND … [Read more...]

Getting to Eastern Europe before it’s too late

I recently read an article at Boots'n'All about why it's important to visit post-communist eastern Europe now, or at least as soon as you can! It reminded me of my passion for eastern Europe and some of the unique things about it - including obscure communist architecture like this upside-down … [Read more...]

Travel budgets in Riga and what else I loved in Latvia’s capital

(Looking for in-depth info on Riga? Check my detailed post on Riga, Latvia).If someone waved a magic wand so I could go back and spend longer travelling through an area than I got to the first time, the area I'd pick for sure would be the Baltic states. Although I've seen a reasonable amount of … [Read more...]