Solo travel for females: These superwoman solo travellers prove you can do it

Solo travel for females is a topic I'm often emailed about. Can I do it? Is it safe? Will I survive? My parents don't want me to go? Help! Luckily, I've got some good girlfriends who have travelled solo a lot, plus a few experiences of my own, and even a friend who wrote a book about travelling solo … [Read more...]

Superwoman traveller Nicole: Solo travel is completely liberating

Welcome Nicole, from the delightful Woman Seeks World blog, who is our latest superwoman traveller. Nicole is a fellow Aussie who figured out at age 22 that there was more to life than a perfectly planned career path (and that's pretty much exactly what I decided at 25 - so she was smarter than … [Read more...]

Superwoman traveller Megan: Travelling is deep in her veins

It's well and truly time for me to introduce you to another Superwoman Traveller here: you're about to hear from Megan, who I met online (thanks to the wonderful world of blogging!). Megan is from a small town in south-east Victoria, Australia, and had long dreamt of doing a big trip - but … [Read more...]

Superwoman traveller Charlotte: Solo travel is total freedom

Let me introduce you to Charlotte, my next Superwoman Traveller. We met teaching in Bratislava (meeting place for many great women, including Jen from this series, too), mid-way through Charlotte's decade of solo travel adventures - she's just recently returned home to Canada. Charlotte has kept my … [Read more...]

Superwoman traveller Aki: Solo travel is finding a new personality

Meet Aki, my next Superwoman Traveller. Aki's from Japan and I met her when she showed up in my class here in Perth to learn English. I should say that her English was already very good so I'm not sure I taught her very much! Aki always impressed me because she was happy to travel around on her own, … [Read more...]

Superwoman traveller Jen: Solo travel is luxurious

Meet Jen, my next Superwoman Traveller. She's a British gal who I met when we taught together in Slovakia, and I admired her ability to travel solo. Since then, of course, she's done even more solo travel, and has some great advice for women out there who are a bit nervous about travelling on their … [Read more...]

Superwoman traveller Rhi: Solo travel is adventure (with a book)

Here comes my Superwoman Traveller series, designed to help any women out there who are worried about travelling on their own feel much more confident - and excited - about the possibility. The first Superwoman Traveller I've interviewed is Rhi, who I met relatively recently when she was teaching … [Read more...]

Superwoman travellers, or thinking about women travelling solo

By clever coincidence this week, the topic this week for my ABC radio spot was woman who travel on their own. I've already been thinking quite a lot about this topic recently so was definitely ready to have a chat about it.While most of my travel has been with a boyfriend/husband, and occasionally … [Read more...]